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Stereo Sunrise Interview


Who are you?

At our core, we love to play music. Tommy and Arih are in their twenties. Justin is in his thirties. Piero, we don't even know how old he might be. We come from different backgrounds, Tommy's from Barrie, Arih from Guelph, Justin was born in Holland, really only Piero is a Niagara purebred. The age thing and the background thing bring a lot of different influences into our music. One band we call all agree on as a major influence is Blind Melon.


How did Stereo Sunrise come to be?

Piero put an ad in the classifieds looking for a singer. Justin answered it. They started jamming and a few weeks later, Justin ran into Arih at a bookstore. He asked him what books he was buying and when Arih opened the bag, on top was a book on 'How to Play the Bass'. Justin asked, “Do you know how to play the bass?” and Arih said “Not yet.” Luckily, Arih's a fast learner. Piero worked with Tommy and it didn't take much arm twisting to get him to a jam. After a couple jams, we had already written three or four songs and it was clear that we had some mojo. Everything clicked into gear and Stereo Sunrise was born.


I know there has been some recording happening recently can we expect to see a new album soon?

Of course. We never stop writing. We have been in the studio for quite a while on this last project. In spring 2016 we will be releasing a 4 song EP, still untitled as we pen these answers. We will be releasing it digitally, on CD, and as a 12" vinyl split with our friends in Knife the Wolf through Orange Couch Records. Each band will have 4 tracks on one side of the album.


I’ve seen you on stage. There seems to be some kind of magic you bring with you to the stage when you start to play, a natural attitude towards your love of music if you will, can you elaborate on how you feel when you are on stage?

Being on stage is like the rush you feel coasting downhill on a bicycle with no helmet on. It's great. We practice a lot and when we play a show we can really let the music take over. It becomes pure play and feel.


What was it like to record with Siegfried Meier?

Siegfried Meier is a true pro. We’ve worked together on two projects. The first project was our live off the floor EP, Somebody Someday. He has a magical thing going with Beach Road Studios, the space is unbelievable, the sound is great, and the most amazing part is the speed at which he works right in front of you. As you record you are getting immediate play back, and he’s mixing and fixing. He's honest and he’ll tell you straight up if it’s shit and then he’ll say “Alright, now do it again!” He pushes you to get your best take and he's got a great ear for harmony.


Do you have the same natural attitude towards recording as you do on stage?

We ramp up the practicing when we're going to record. Preproduction is so important. You need to know your part inside and out before you hit that red button, because you don't want to waste anyone's time. When we do get to lay down tracks, it's a similar feeling to playing live, but without the energy of the audience. Instead of the audience, you are relying on the energy of your bandmates and the producer.


Last question, how would you feel about being the first band on board for the next Niagara Volume of Sofa City Sounds?

Pretty stoked to be honest. We played at the launch party of Volume 1 and the atmosphere was just amazing. It's the best feeling to see so many supporters and musicians coming together to celebrate the local music scene. Thank you for bringing it to life and sharing our stories with the world!

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